August 30, 2011

The Best

The trait that I think makes FCGGD great is that they don't hold the typical "try-outs". They believe that if you have the drive and the desire to play derby then you should play! It doesn't matter if you've never placed your foot in a skate or aren't the typical athletic body type. Big, tall, green, or small there is a place for you in derby! To begin you just simply attend one of the regularly scheduled information sessions at RollerLand. In that session you're given information about how practices are run, average time commitments, the financial cost of derby, and how FCGGD benefits our community. From there, you'll have some time to think about joining and then come back for the fabulous, but always necessary paperwork session! (WhooHoo!) Then, after that meeting you'll be ready for your first practice (which you can read about in a previous blog).

Like I said before, the only requirement for FCGGD is that you have the passion for derby. All new recruits go through the same steps of training so it doesn't matter if you've never skated, haven't skated since the 2nd grade, or think you have the wrong body type (Boloney!). Basic skating skills will be your first 4 weeks of training. If you need more training with skating than you get more! There's no pressure except the pressure that comes from yourself.

Bottom line: there is no reason for you to be sitting there reading this blog when you could be skating with FoCo Girls Gone Derby!

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