August 10, 2011


Hello Fervent FCGGD Readers! You don’t know me……yet! My name is Cassius Foul Play, but most just call me Cash, and I am a new recruit. For those that are younger than me, Google Cassius Clay and my name will make a lot more sense. (It’s weird to me that Google is both a noun and a verb.) I attended the information session to join FCGGD in March, 2011 and once I made the decision to commit to the time, effort, and bruises I was excited, but had just one problem. I had no idea how my future as a new recruit would look! I was terrified on my first real practice!

So, for all the ladies out there pondering your future in derby or you’ve already joined and are a new recruit as well…..this blog is for you! My plan is to chronicle my experiences through the ranks of derby and hopefully give an insight into the mysteries of FCGGD!

Stay tuned for recollections of The First Practice…dundunduuun

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” ~ Joe Namath

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