April 14, 2011

April 9th Bout Recap: Foco Micro Bruisers vs. Durango Roller Girl Derailers

Feeling refreshed from a week of training after the Dust Devil Tournament in Tucson, Arizona, the FoCo Micro Bruisers were itching for more action. FoCo played three bouts in the tournament against: Bellingham Roller Betties (Bellingham, WA), Santa Cruz Derby Girls (Santa Cruz, CA), and Assassination City (Dallas, TX). They came away from the experience with new skills and geared up to take on the Durango Roller Girls' travel team, the Derailers. Eager to see what new tricks were up the Micro Bruisers' wrist guards, a packed house witnessed the girls play one of their cleanest, highest scoring bouts ever against another league. FoCo only received 36 minor penalties and 13 majors for the duration of the bout (nearly half the penalties called on Durango), with Slamma Jamma, Chocolate MILFshake and Princess of Wails the bout's cleanest players. With a tighter defense than ever, FoCo had nearly a 60 point lead by the end of the first half, with the score sitting: FoCo-89; Durango-30. After rockin' out to DB and the Catastrophe and taking some photo ops with their fans, they came back for an even stronger second half! FoCo shut out the Derailers for the first 10 jams, while scoring a cool 61 points. Jam six had been a power jam for Misty Skull Krippler, the bout's highest scoring jammer. Durango wasn't without some tricks, themselves. In the 16th jam of the second half, they 'passed the star', which is to say Reckless Rhonda, their third highest scoring jammer, passed her star helmet cover to Kim Jen Illin', the Derailer pivot for that jam, making Kim the jammer in the process. The subterfuge wasn't enough to throw FoCo off, as they followed that jam by taking advantage of another power jam; Aimee ArmaLite (third highest scoring jammer of the evening) scoring another 15 points. Rounding off the top scoring jammers of the game was Rox Yorr Soxov, the second highest scorer and one of the highest called for penalties (watch out girls). Determined to live up to her name, she scored a whopping 53 points for FoCo. The final score stood: Micro Bruisers- 208 to Derailers- 46, a massive victory, leaving fans and skaters alike excited for the next home bout. Don't miss out on next month's action as the FoCo Punchy Brewsters take on the High City Derby Divas, May 14th at Rollerland Skate Center. I'll see you there! Your Humble Announcer, ~Evil I. McVillain