January 23, 2011

Derby Passion

I love to ask every derby girl the same question:
Why did you join derby?
Whatever random way they heard about tryouts, or where they saw their first bout, the reason is always the same, they became INFECTED with the passion to play derby! I love that we all have that in common.

Having a group of 3 strong willed women doesn't always go so smooth, nevermind a group of 30 strong willed women!

But our common passion for derby, and the chance to play overcomes most adversity. That is why I love hanging out with derby girls.

Whatever your hobby, interest, or "thing" may be, I hope you become INFECTED with a passion for it!

My first bout was nearly 2 years ago. My husband and I took our family to a bout in Greeley for Easter. I had seen Roller Derby on T.V. when I was a kid, and was pretty excited, even though I knew it was fake and choreographed back in the 80's.

I watched FoCo Girls Gone Derby vs. Slaughterhouse Derby Girls, and WHOA!!!!! This was NOT fake, these were amazing women, playing for REAL! REAL HITS! REAL FALLS! REAL BADASS WOMEN!!!

I knew right away that I wanted to try to do this, but had not skated in nearly 20 years! (I will tell you about learning to skate next time.) I wished (and still do wish ) that I had found a way to play derby 10 years ago. I told my husband that I really wanted to play, but I thought I was too old (34).

This is what I love about my husband, he walked right up to the bench manager of FoCo, and asked her what it takes to play. He also told her that I thought I was too old. She came right over to me, told me about the next recruitment, and then said "And you are perfect just the way you are, there is a place for every shape and size in derby".

What????!!! I could feel good about my appearance, fit in, hit girls, get in better shape, and have fun?

And that
is exactly what I have gotten to do while playing derby!