March 22, 2009

this is mangles at salt lake, ...... black mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plus some bruises, .... ha!

March 21, 2009

to the guys who...

me [iggy cocks] and barbie crash were out last night and met some fine gentlemen who were down to have us paint foco girls gone derby on the chests for out next bout so i wanted to put out there that anyone who would want to do that should message us on myspace and we'll give you free comp tickets and buy you a beer cuz that would be awesome!

March 20, 2009

Danger Ranger, ... Season Opener Afterparty

erica, laura mangles wilder

sequin destroy, iggy cocks

mia krush her, urkin jerkin, yoshi twisted

iggy cocks, buster hiney, mia krush her, laura mangles wilder, barbie crash, hand solo

tammy fay slayer

mary queen of shots, sexy q, battle e portman

mia krush her, llbruisa peach

dizzy lizzy, box watcher, iona switchblade

winnie chester, .... stripping

sexy qutioner, battle e portman

mia krush her, iggy cocks, hand solo, buster hiney

March 18, 2009

Our First WFTDA Ranking Bout!!!

For anyone who doesn't know, we got WFTDA [Womens Flat Track Derby Association] approved which is rad and on April 4th we have our first ranking bout against Pikes Peak Derby Dames. So this is big! Here's the flyer, put it everywhere!!