August 23, 2011


Have you ever been to a roller derby bout and you can envision yourself skating as either a ref or a tough derby lady? Or have you just recently joined a league, and with only one or two practices under your belt, you're already salivating to get back on the track?...Then I have some urgent news for you!

I'm not a doctor, but I am a nurse and I have your diagnosis. Sorry, but it's deep and it's are an ADDICT! Trust me, only another addict can recognize it in others and it's true, all signs point to total addiction. Case in point, I recently had surgery and ended up pouting in front of the surgeon and convincing her that one week off from skating would be plenty of time for healing instead of the two weeks she was recommending. She conceded to my vicious rhetoric with strict warnings, of course, but I won! What's a little bleeding for skating with some of the coolest ladies I know?!

Now, with that said, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't have surgery or an injury and skate against medical advice. Seriously, we nurses are the worst role models when it comes to our own health. But my diagnosis still stands for you and you'll be better for it!

So, if you are already a member of a league, you will have days when it feels like your legs and feet will just not cooperate, but then you'll have a beautiful hit or an awesome booty block and your addiction's voracious appetite will be fed. Now, if you haven't joined a league yet, particularly FoCo Girls Gone Derby (what are you waiting for?), and you have been diagnosed by yours truly as a Derbyholic, then I had better see your little addicted face at our next recruitment meeting!

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