August 14, 2011

Chanel Cartel vs DeathRow Dolls

If you were anywhere else other than Rollerland last night you missed an awesome bout! The Deathrow Dolls faced Chanel Cartel and it was a scrapping fight for points with Chanel Cartel ultimately besting the Dolls. A scary moment during the last five minutes of the bout occurred when Rox Yorr Soxov took a tumble and found herself at the bottom of a pile of skaters. The bout stopped, the spectators were silent, and all skaters created a wall around Rox allowing her privacy with the coaches and EMT. As an emergency RN, it was extremely difficult for me to stay on the sidelines and not go help Rox and the EMT. And in truth, if Rox hadn’t gotten up within the countdown in my head, I would have hit the track running. But, in true athletic form, Rox stood up under her own power and skated off the track to applause and relieved sighs. Rox even took the victory lap with the teams, although with a slight limp.

This is just one bit of proof that these women are in fact true athletes. They subject themselves to the pain of bruises, sprains, concussions, and broken bones for the love of Roller Derby. Speaking of the love of roller derby, the bout rookies definitely had their cherries popped last night. The veteran ladies certainly had their fun with the (excuse the term) debutants. To their credit, with each hit and fall, those ladies got back up on their skates and pushed harder to get through that pack or stop that jammer. My congratulations to you debutants! You all should be proud of yourselves!

If you missed this bout, no worries! Come see our next bout on September 10th!

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