July 3, 2009

JR Roller Derby

Poison Divey here - My daughter just started Jr Roller Derby in Greeley. She loves it... they are just working on skating skills and have a very small handful of girls. You can even join before you own your skates & pad. You will just work on floor exercises to build your skating muscles.

Here are the details:

Our Jr League ages are 9 to 17, with no other requirements. The girls don't hit, but we will teach them blocking and falls. As they get older, however, we will work on their hitting so they can transition into the adult league.

Girls can come on any Wednesday from 6 to 8, and new girls can start any time. I request that all girls bring tennis shoes, especially new girls, that way we can work on off skate drills and get their muscles ready for skates. If they are comfortable on skates, they can work with the girls that are already skating.

This all takes place at the Kill Floor in Greeley, Home of Slaughterhouse Derby Girls.


  1. This is awesome and I would love my daughters to do this, but it is a bit too far from Loveland on a week night. Are there are any other junior leagues closer to Loveland?

  2. We also live in Loveland - maybe you could join our carpool... Poison Divey.

  3. Really?!? I would love more info! Could you e-mail me? shellie@monkeytailz.com

    Thank you!

  4. i think they are starting one in Fort Collins at Rollerland. Info meeting August 2nd at 5 pm