June 9, 2009

Rational Alchemy - KRFC radio show with FOCO Girls Gone Derby

Kelly Ashwill Check out this week's podcast of the krfc Saturday night radio show, Rational Alchemy http://rational-alchemy.com/rational-alchemy-home-page Brian and Jamie were kind enough to invite The Reverend Jimmie James, P.h.Diva and Mary Queen of Shots to come on the show and clear up some common misconceptions about roller derby. Thank you, Rational Alchemy!

Rational Alchemy : Blogs, Musings and News
Source: rational-alchemy.com
Rational Alchemy providing a community for questioning some of the ludicrous (and some times highly questionable) claims we hear today. Rational Alchemy is the brain child of Brian Walsh, Nigel Aves and Jamie Folsom. The show airs every Saturday evening at 11:00 PM to Midnight.

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