June 6, 2013

A Call to Skates

For most of you, next weekend contains no amazing, off-the-wall plans.  I know you're all sitting around with nothing to do, waiting for some event to pop up on Facebook that may peak your interest, and then not go anyway and stay at home watching reruns of Firefly.  Noble as this is (and as much as I enjoy Nathan Fillion), instead of sitting on the couch wondering if there's anything better you could be doing on a Saturday, why don't you do a little derby instead??

On June 15th, ladies are coming to Fort Collins from all across the state to participate in the 5X5 Summer Shovin' Tournament.  Teams are made up of 5 ladies, and they're battling it out to be named the best.  Here's the nail-biter: teams only have 5 jams to prove themselves worthy.  If you're down by even 1 point at the end of those 5 jams, you're toast, which means every jam is an all-out fight to the death.  If you win, you move up  to play even more intense teams.  So, a call to arms if you will.  If you think you have what it takes (and c'mon you know you do) assemble your teams and prove it on the track.  Winner takes no prisoners.

Don't have a pair of skates?  Not a problem.  If you're not a skater, watching these intense games is reason enough to come with your cowbell and boutfit.  Every jam will be like watching the last jam of a tie-breaker. Every hit will be harder.  Every jam will be faster.  Every point will bring them closer to victory.  Every second will count.  No one's pulling any punches this time.  Everybody will be putting it all on the track and leaving nothing behind, so if you go to any derby bout this year, this would be the one.

Summer Shovin' will also have a ton of vendors!  Need to buy new booty shorts?  Laces?  A hot dog?  Merch?  It'll all be there.  So instead of ordering your booty shorts online while watching Firefly, wondering in Mal and Inara will ever hook up, come join us and the Summer Shovin' Tournament, watch some great derby, and make some new friends in the process.

Sign up and learn more!  https://www.facebook.com/events/138073449710371/

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  1. Your references to Firefly make me so happy.