October 25, 2012

FoCo Girls Gone Undead

Saturday night, October 21, 2012 will go down in history as being one of the BEST.NIGHTS.EVER. It was one of  those magical nights were you laugh easily and naturally with everyone you see. Where the waitstaff can do no wrong (I actually said "I zombie promise you" to a server at Coopersmith's. Why this was accepted, I have no idea). Where the right music is being played on the jukebox and you always know all the words.

What precipitated this auspicious evening you ask? One of my favorite annual events on the Front Range, Old Town Zombie Fest. It raises money and awareness for Turning Point, an organization that is "dedicated to improving the lives of youth and their families" through a variety of programs and services. Each year, people put on their finest zombie attire and splatter fake blood artistically over anything that will stand still in order to stumble, drag, and pull their way all over Old Town Fort Collins for drink specials and goodies. This year was extra special for me because FoCo Girls Gone Derby was invited to lead the zombie parade. Yes. You read that right. LEAD THE ZOMBIE PARADE!

(from left to right)
Mollytov Maguire, Inner Demon,
KermudJen, Battle E. Portman
FoCo's skaters and refs came downtown on skates ready to rock some Thriller. Suzy Muffincrusher choreographed something beautiful for us, slightly modified because not all the moves translate well to roller skates. I learned that I want to be behind Battle E. Portman for choreographed dance numbers forthwith because she is awesome at remembering the steps. I guess her she chose her name-sake and Black and Blue Ball's Black Swan homage really well because that girl can DANCE. So we lead the parade of zombies through Old Town to Thriller and then played among the restless undead for the remaining portion of the evening.

I started off the wearing the FoCo teal and black. Torn, dirty, and dripping with blood, I donned my gear and skates in the square. We were a legion of zombies on a mission. Suzy and Battle E. were our Generals and I like to believe we "turned" a few people to our side. After the parade, I changed out of my roller skates in to the candy pink dress that I have worn for 3 years now and, like me, its just getting better with age. With this dress I wear knee high grey boots that get a fresh dousing in fake blood before I stomp all over town in them. I believe that this ritual means my things look more "authentic" and it makes two, count 'em TWO, zombie costumes alone this year. What an epic win. I love dressing up. For any reason.

Undead Roller Girls. Thanks Resident Rockstar Photography!!

Mr. Maguire and I were a testament to zombie love that night; he was the zombie hunter, I was the zombie. Predator and prey. We looked pretty sick. The part that made the evening so special for me was the bridging of my separate lives. The Lory/Molly line was totally blurred. I hung out with derby girls AND non-derby people all night. And who knew that the 2 groups would be so rad together, it was like peanut butter and jelly. Like Kid and Play. Like Bettie Page and bangs. 

Boyfriend + Friends + Derby = Happiness.

Derby Love,
Mollytov Maguire

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