October 15, 2011


This blog is for all the new recruits out there working their behinds off in practice...so pay close attention recruits! This stuff is HARD!

All through my practices of Basic Skating, Derby Skills, and League Practice I thought I was in pretty good shape. No, I couldn't run a marathon, but I exercised and kept myself healthy. My first scrimmage with the league was a total SLAP in my face! These ladies make it look so easy during bouts!

I had no idea how tired I would be after jamming for 2 minutes! My legs felt like half melted jello, my chest was on fire because I was breathing so hard, and I could barely see around the track! That last bit about seeing is my own fault due to my blindness and phobia about touching my eyes with contacts, but still!

After my first or second jam I was wrecked! Slamma Jamma said I should let all the recruits know just how difficult these scrimmages and bouts can be. So recruits, here's my advice to you. TRAIN HARD!!

Use the practices you have now and push yourself to move past your comfortable limits. (safely, of course) If you're not feeling challenged enough, ask the trainers that night to mix in some sprints in between skills to get your heart and body working!

If you can complete your skills under stress during recruit practices, then when it's time for your first scrimmage.....you'll be ready to kick some derby tail!!

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