September 20, 2013

Your Butt is Your Canvas

I'm feeling saucy today.  More than saucy.  I'm feeling a little unhinged - in a good way.  So instead of a wonderful, well thought-out blog full of good content, I'm filling it with BUTTS.  That's right, good ol' fashioned eye candy.  We've all seen it before; roller derby ladies have astounding ways of expressing themselves, but none better than the booty shorts wreathed in messages, art, and the usual sass.  Join me, oh brave ones, for your viewing pleasure...The Butt Canvas.

First, the attitude.  These ladies are daring you to mess with them.

Who doesn't want to pack an extra punch while playing derby?  These ladies see themselves as their OWN superheroes, and we love them for it!

A little, Patriotism, perhaps?

And last but not least, the skaters that just LOVE roller derby and aren't afraid to shout it from their bums!

And last but certainly not least...

Instead of looking at the ladies as simply, "well-dressed butts," think of them as badass Monet's, Rembrandt's, or Picasso's.  We all love our butts, and you should too!


The Original Skankster

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