August 9, 2012

Lessons from RollerCon, Part 2

Tips for a RollerCon-er

This year was my second RollerCon experience, and although I felt prepared for it this year, I was wrong. I was completely unprepared and wished there was a check sheet with tips that I could print out. So, I decided to take it upon myself to make one after my second RollerCon.
  • Start saving. Now. You are going to spend way too much money, and it will never be enough.
  • Buy your pass on Black Friday; it’s the cheapest they will ever be.
  • Bring a rolling bag, but not one that’s big. It should be JUST large enough to fit your gear.
  • Bring or be prepared to buy a Fanny Pack. Useful and hip as shit in the derby world right now.
  • Get lots of tattoos and dye/cut your hair crazy. I have tattoos and an alternative haircut and still felt tame.
  • Chest tattoos are the new tramp stamp. Don’t get one of those.

Figure out what kind of planner you are.

  • There is a line for everything. Account for that if you’re a planner.
o If you are good at organization, don't like to party, and hate sleeping in;
You are crazy, but you'll be able to take lots of classes. Look at the schedule before you get to RollerCon and make a list/schedule.
o If you are like most people and like to sleep;
DO NOT make a schedule for yourself, you will only feel guilty when you don’t end up making it to classes. Instead, look at the schedule each morning when you get up and see what you feel like doing.
  • No matter what kind of planner you are, you MUST make time to watch the Vagine Regime vs. Caulksuckers bout. It’s the best bout of RollerCon!
  • If you find a class that you really want to take, DO IT! It may be offered multiple times but as RollerCon gets down to the last day people get tired and classes start to get canceled.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit you have a Derby Crush (it WILL happen)
  • Only bring shirts/tanks with your name and number on it. Also, bring a few shirts that say your league affiliation.
  • Only pack derby clothes. You won’t wear anything else. Ok, maybe ONE real outfit.
  • Bring a hoodie. It’s FREEZING indoors.
  • Show up a day early and/ or stay a day later. Gives you a chance to get settled/packed up without having to miss any action.
  • DO attend open scrimmages. They give you a chance to try out the new techniques you learned and play with or against some really great players.
  • Be prepared to take everything you are going to need all day with you when you leave your hotel room in the morning.
  • They hand out tickets for classes 2 hours early, get them then. Do not wait.
  • Lastly, have fun! Attend the parties, even if you want to get to bed early. RollerCon is about skating, but the parties are a great extra!!
Hopefully this helps you on your trip to RollerCon 2013!
Suga Smaxxx

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