September 7, 2011

Who We Are

Typical statement made after someone discovers I'm part of the FoCo Girls Gone Derby League..."No Way!?!", "You're joking!", "You don't look like you play derby!" My inner response to that is "What does a derby player look like?"

The fact is there is no typical player. We're all different personalities, sizes, and shapes. We all hold different talents on the track whether it be speed, blocking, hitting, or juking. Our commonalities are that we love derby, are all productive members of our community, and we lead the same lives as everyone outside of derby.

Some players are in retail, marketing, counselors, business leaders, students, and medical professionals. Most are also wives and mothers following their dreams. We work hard during our days and we work just as hard during our practices.

I wonder what picture of a derby player the average person holds in their head? Are we only women that wear fishnets, short skirts with tattoos and piercings, and a neon colored mohawk? If that's the preconception, then we need to get those people into a bout to see for themselves that all the participants of FCGGD are valuable members of society despite our pension for fishnets. Most likely you've already run into one of our skaters, refs, or non-skating officials during your normal day to day errands.

We might be serving you in a restaurant, helping you make your business more successful, or creating the art that is hanging in your living room. In my case, I just may be giving you that flu shot this year!

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