September 7, 2009

Of Work and Soy Sauce

Today, instead of cheering my team on, at what I am sure was an awesome Labor Day bout, I was at work. Nothing is worse than spending a day doing lame tasks, when I know I could be screaming for my teammates with a bunch of bikers. Instead I was doing laundry, grading papers, and cleaning spilled soy sauce out of my fridge. Oh well it is my lame life that pays my dues so I can skate. At least tomorrow I can look forward to pulling up knee socks, lacing up my skates, and slamming my body into other women. Just seeing my skate bag puts a smile on my face. :)

Sunny D. Capitate

P.S. Check out a totally cheesy but fun roller derby song "Roller Derby Saved My Soul" by Uncle Leon and the Alibis

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