August 2, 2009

Practice, practice, practice

Thursday is scrimmage night. I just made the Chanel Cartel in June, so scrimmaging is still pretty new to me. I really love scrimmaging, but I am still learning how to be an effective member of the team. I know it just takes practice to know when to hit, dodge, slow down, speed up etc, etc. It is challenging and exciting. The best part of last Thursday's scrimmage was jamming. That's right I was a jammer. I had a great time and it was EXHAUSTING. I don't know how you other ladies do it over and over again. I got hit down a lot, fell down a lot, and wasn't very good at getting through the pack. However, I really feel I learned a lot about what it is like to be a jammer I'm going to be hitting girls out of my jammers way and pushing her though as much as I can, because that is a tough job you ladies do.

Until next time,

Sunny D. Capitate


  1. That was a great mix up the postions night. I also saw a lot from a different perspective, some of the people I was playing with in the pack I had only jammed against. It really helped me to see how they act in the pack. You did great that night Sunny!

    Poison Divey

  2. I’m not made for jamming! It’s a good and fun adrenaline rush, however it’s too intense for my liking. You are essentially the target, and it’s all about knowing when and how you’re going to make your best move to either dodge a brutal hit or be sneaky and get around an opposing player. You pretty much get your ass kicked as you are trying your best to make it through the pack, you get slammed around, knocked down and my ultimate favorite SANDWICHED lol, and once you make it out (alive hehe) you gotta pick up the speed, hustle and do it all over again!
    Jammers- I admire you all!!!!!!