May 31, 2009

Skating as a kid...

Hello Poison Divey here...

I have said many times "who knew skating every weekend as a kid would ever come in handy again". Knowing how to skate pretty well has helped with my confidence & just busting through the first part of training, but really its coming back to haunt me. I never joined speed skating or anything, just could skate backwards and rock out to Another One Bites the Dust & a some YMCA. Toe stops... is the huge down fall I'm feeling. I have this elementary school years trained instinct to go onto the damn toe stop. Its hard & I still feel super new to Derby. No matter how many times I tell myself to stop doing it, I concentrate on something & it sneaks back in. damn it. I'll get it. I just wish I could get it all so much quicker. (Problem with toe stops is that my balance is not very sturdy & anyone can just knock me over, I'm balanced on a little piece of rubber)

Going through training I was super confident - I had it down... I skated so much in elementary and can ride a skateboard in the bowls well enough (I got falling DOWN). But when you start skating in a pack, there is so much to think about, so many skills to develop all at once - so many dynamics. I find myself focusing in on one thing I need to get down & forget the other 3. I know it will come in time.. but its frustrating & I know its frustrating to the coaches (coaches are like " I told you not to use your toe stops anymore Divey"), like I'm not getting it. But DAMN, if you could witness my the visions in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep. I get it all down. Actually, I think that helps. Just having those visions of everything falling in place. I used to skate bowls the same way, finding those lines... ummm. Doesn't make for a good night sleep.

I truly admire all the ladies that have stuck through all these challenges and I plan to do the same. Derby has seemed to consume much more than I planned of my life & I'm happy here. I don't want to do derby, just so I can say I'm one of those rocking derby girls I want to be really good at it, at every position. I am so happy I have urrkn pushing me. I also feel so lucky to have such a huge variety of new friends.

I went all over the place with this post, I meant to just talk about my toe stops coming back to bite me in the ass, but so happy that I can put some muscle into my crosses. Having my early skating experience has helped me a lot, but there is so much more than skating involved. I've always been really hard on myself & its not low self confidence, its that I don't want to kid myself & think that I am good at something when there is so much I need to improve on. Its hard going through the learning curve & not rocking at something... but it will be worth it. I will rock... for those about to rock - we salute you. ha. not sure how an AC/DC song floated into this post, but there you are...

Divey #34A
FOCO Girls Gone Derby

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